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Chapter 20


Another element of the production draft is the HEADER. A header occupies the same line as the page number, which is on the right and .5" from the top. Header information is printed on every script page. Information contained in the header includes the date of the revision and the color of the page. The header of the production draft of a script might look like this:

REVISED April 30, 2001 BLUE                                                   1.

REVISED April 30, 2001 BLUE will print at the top of every single revised page, unless you tell your scriptwriting program to omit this information on the first page. On the first page of a production draft, however, you should include your header, if you have one. The page number will, of course, change.

Writing Tip:
Don't worry about what color of paper to use for subsequent changes to the same scene. If your still writing the revisions once the script is in production, they'll tell you what to use. This is determined by the production staff.

Do's and Don'ts