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Chapter 22

Title Page of TV Movies

In the TV movie formats it is customary to place the title of the script, the show and its episode on the first page at the top.

Lettering can be either uppercase or mixed case.

Place the title(s) in quotation marks.

Center the text on the line.

Fade In: follows the act title.

The following is an example of a MOW title page:

                              "A Day In The Life"

                                    ACT ONE



Also, the end of each act is signaled with the FADE OUT: notation as well as the end of act notation.


                                 END OF ACT ONE

=======FORCED PAGE BREAK==================

                                    ACT TWO


Software Tip:
When using script writing software you should always place a forced page break between acts. In other words, each act starts at the top of a new page.

Writing Tip:
Do not number the scenes. That's the job of the production office.

The Rules:
A MOW may also have a CAST LIST and on a separate page a SET LIST, much like in theatre scripts, but these forms change with the years. It's best to simply acquire a sample of a recently-aired MOW to learn the current convention.

The End

Well, that's as much as I've collected so far but I'll be adding more as I go. I hope this has been helpful and has assited you in finding the way to get to the next step in your screenwriting adventures.