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Chapter 17

Title Page

The TITLE PAGE has specific information on it. Type it in the same font as your script, Courier 12. It should not be on special paper, no graphics - it should just contain only the following information:

Centered on the page, vertically and horizontally - The title of your script in bold type if possible

Two lines below that, centered on the line - Written by

Two lines below that, centered on the line - Your Name (and co-writer, if any)

In the lower right hand corner your contact information (include agent or email address)

In the lower left-hand corner you can put Registered, WGA or a copyright notification.

                          The Good, The Bad, The Thin

                                   Written by

                                  Fatty Turner

Copyright © 2001 by Fatty Turner                               Fatty Turner
Registered, WGAw                                               1234 Lake St.
                                                               Anytown, CA 12345
                                                               (310) 555-1212

Writing Tip:
Authorities differ on whether or not you should note on your title page that you have registered your screenplay with the Writers Guild of America, west. Some people think it is the mark of an amateur, yet some producers insist upon it. Naturally, if you live east of the Mississippi River in the United States, you might have registered your script with the Writers Guild of America, east, and would thus note Registered, WGAe. One thing is certain, however. A U.S. copyright has much more legal standing that either registration. Note the copyright on the page. For more information about your legal protection in any creative work, see the U.S. Copyright Office Web page at